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Sun Of Islam شمس الإسلام

"Be grateful for the empty inner place and the wound that pushed you to God."

Yasmin Mogahed

From the collection: IslamicArtDB » Yasmin Mogahed Quotes (433 items)


Have you ever thought how amazing it is to get more than 5 million people all performing the same action, in the same language, for the same purpose. It blows my mind how a religion can unite so many people.


لك الحمد يارب يامن قل له شكري فلم يحرمني
وعظمت خطيئتي ولم يفضحني
يامن حفظني في صغري ،يامن رزقني في كبري
يامن أياديه عندي لاتحصى،ونعمه لاتجازى
يامن عارضني بالخير والأحسان وعارضته بالأساءة والعصيان
يامن هداني للأيمان من قبل أن أعرف شكر الأمتنان
يامن دعوته مريضاً فشفاني، وعرياناً فكساني
وجائعاً فأشبعني وعطشاناً فأرواني
وذليلاً فأعزني، وجاهلاً وعرفني
ووحيداً فكثرني،وغائباً وردني
اللهم لك الحمد حمداً لايقوى على أحصاءهِ ألأ أنت
وصلِ اللهم على محمد وآلِ محمد صلاةً لايقوى على أحصائها ألأ أنت


Allah does not charge a soul except [according to] what He has given it.

Allah will bring about, after hardship, ease.

"On Jumuah, there is a special time in which Allah accepts your Dua’as, so take advantage of every minute on Friday since that ‘special time’ is short."

Sahih Muslim No. 852 (via alhamdulillah-always)

A Muslim Turkish Girl who is the slave of Allah, 23 and a Sharia Student Al-Hamdulillah and a real Ottoman girl ~ I believe in Islam like I believe in the sun rising, not just because I can see it, but because, by it, I see everything". - Unknown -
I want to die with my forhead on the ground, the Sunnah in my heart, Allah on my mind, Qu'ran on my tounge and tears in my eyes... In Shaa Allah ♥

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